A long day of travel

A long day of travel: I’m posting this from LaGuardia airport at the beginning of the final legs of a long day of travel that included one of the few times I’ve ever rented a car in this area. Ever since reading Bonfire of the Vanities, I have this fear of driving anywhere in the New York metro area. However, today my appointment north of the city and, in theory, it seemed a rather simple trip from the airport. And it was. However, a missed turn on the way back to the airport led to a scenic tour of parts of the Bronx I’ve never visited before. Fortunately, a quick cell-phone call to a New Yorker with access to Google maps was like having my own personal Onstar system.

Another travel note: My near exclusive use of Southwest for the past few years has caused a considerable decline in my street smarts regarding how other airlines work. For example, I’m about to board a U.S. Airways flight, however it’s actually on United Airlines — which is in another terminal. The folks at the U.S. Airways counter seemed to think I should know that the ticket I have that says I have a U.S. Airways flight should have made me realize I should have gone to the the United Airlines terminal. Silly me. There’s so much I have to learn.