Small business blogger directory growing

Small business blogger directory growing: One of the most visited pages on is the directory of small business weblogs. I was just noticing that the page needs some help being alphabetized (on my “to-do while watching TV” list) when I scrolled down and was impressed how the list has grown in the few weeks since it was started. Not that I’m wanting this to be a theme day on the rexblog, but I have to say, the most intriguing name of a small business blog on the list is this: The Coaching 4 Lesbians Weblog. After reading a few posts, I can say that despite the name, as with the Lipstick Bar, it’s a blog for small business humans.

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Stat of the day

Stat of the day: (From “FT 2006: Craiglist (sic)* bewilders money-minded executives“) “Craigslist sites now generate a staggering 3 billion page views every month and run more classifieds than every US newspaper combined.”

*The linked article bounces around from spelling it (incorrectly) Craiglist and (correctly) Craigslist, thus the two spellings in this post.

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Thursday night blog fever in Nashville

Thursday night blog fever in east Nashville: Mr. Roboto has hints for attending a blogger party, which comes just in time as he’s hosting one tonight that starts out at 5:45 at the 3 Crow Bar and then, at 8 p.m., moves down the street for karaoke at the “bar for humans,” Lipstick.

I’ll be attending the early part, but I’m going to be dropping by another blog-related event tonight, my friend and Nashville blogger, BB Logan’s, gig at the French Quarter Cafe

Scott Karp

Scott Karp: “When you live by the ROI sword you can die by it too. Will advertisers start to question the ROI of all the money they’ve dumped into search advertising in general and Google in particular? If they do, we all know how quickly the flow of ad dollars online can shift.”

Crash is a strong word. Google is already “correcting,” but, as I’ve said often about the crash, it was a crash in financial expectations, not a crash in the use of the Internet. Google’s market cap could bust and it still would not be a “bust” in search advertising. However, I do strongly agree with Scott: the flow of ad dollars online can shift quickly.