Small business blogger directory growing

Small business blogger directory growing: One of the most visited pages on is the directory of small business weblogs. I was just noticing that the page needs some help being alphabetized (on my “to-do while watching TV” list) when I scrolled down and was impressed how the list has grown in the few weeks since it was started. Not that I’m wanting this to be a theme day on the rexblog, but I have to say, the most intriguing name of a small business blog on the list is this: The Coaching 4 Lesbians Weblog. After reading a few posts, I can say that despite the name, as with the Lipstick Bar, it’s a blog for small business humans.

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3 thoughts on “Small business blogger directory growing

  1. Hi Rex,
    What would be great would be to have a way of listing all the sites alphabetically, and then by category with tags. When I was adding mine I could have put myself in to several of the categories, so I purposely put myself in one of the possible choices with only a few blogs.

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