not acting so deliciously not acting so deliciously: I wish the folks at Yahoo!, who now own, would get their act together. The service is down, which convinces me the service is not ready for prime-time for “mission critical” usage — and displays the downside of a Web 2.0 business model that depends on mashing up the content (RSS feeds or APIs) of others. I still believe in the model, but it’s based upon a potentially del.ica.te (buzzword-meme of the week) ecosystem.

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2 thoughts on “ not acting so deliciously

  1. I forget how much I rely on these services, and these kind of outages remind me how much I take them for granted.

  2. You’re right. And in the old days when it run by “some guys,” I would have never complained about a “free” service. Now that Yahoo! is the owner and they’ve determined the value of hundreds of thousands of people using it is worth many millions, I’m not so forgiving.

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