Dave Winer is going to stop blogging

Dave Winer is going to stop blogging: Dave says he’s going to stop blogging. “Probably before the end of 2006, I will put this site in mothballs, in archive mode, and go on to other things, Murphy-willing of course….”Blogging doesn’t need me anymore. It’ll go on just as well, maybe even better, with some new space opened up for some new things. But more important to me, there will be new space for me. Blogging not only takes a lot of time (which I don’t begrudge it, I love writing) but it also limits what I can do, because it’s made me a public figure. I want some privacy, I want to matter less, so I can retool, and matter more, in different ways. What those ways are, however, are things I won’t be talking about here. That’s the point. That’s the big reason why.”

Wait, is this April 1?

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2 thoughts on “Dave Winer is going to stop blogging

  1. Maybe this is a Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines moment where he’ll “retire,” but start a new blog under a different name (and with a really bad haircut.)

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