Say it ain’t so, Dave

Say it ain’t so, Dave: Interesting online conversations going on about Dave retiring his weblog, As it’s considered “the first” weblog, such an announcement is major blogospheric news. I think there’s a good chance Dave will read this, so I’d like to put in my vote for “No you can’t.”

Perhaps you can stop blogging and archive all of the things you’ve posted on, but you can’t give up having a voice in the conversation. How can you quit that?

Perhaps it’s precisely because I don’t view my weblog as a “publication,” rather as a place to talk and share, I can’t conceive a blog like “ending.” I guess I sorta thought of in the same way.

Yesterday, Heather Armstrong (in a comment I didn’t include in my notes) said she’d stopped blogging for six months because she didn’t like the person she’d become on her blog. Obviously, she got over it.

Perhaps a “sabbatical” is what you need.

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One thought on “Say it ain’t so, Dave

  1. Rex:

    I’m with you: a blogosphere without Dave is something less and not inspiring. While he and I have had disagreements and embarassments, his writing is still worth reading. To the sabatical idea, it helped me to take a week off and delete the old content for the same reasons as the Heather you mentioned.

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