Southwest shuts down Board-A

Southwest shuts down Board-A: I feel guilty. I never blogged about because, okay, I confess, I am a selfish person. I didn’t want lots of people learning that some guy had hacked a way to game the whole online-checking-in process at so that selfish people like me could get an “A” boarding pass every time. Also, I figured something that good couldn’t last. And, alas, it hasn’t. Apparently, on March 11, the airlines I live on (indeed, I spent two hours on it today) shut ’em down. Weasles.

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2 thoughts on “Southwest shuts down Board-A

  1. Oh, I fogot to say: “free.” I predict the folks you’re pointing to will be shut down also: it’s the ‘terms of use’ changes at that have changed.

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