Mac users must not be very geeky

Mac users must not be very geeky: On, tied in with a Newsweek cover story package about Web 2.0 is a test called, “How Geeky Are You?” However, on my Mac, I don’t have the correct browser extensions or plugins to get the test to work — and I’m not geeky enough to know which of them I don’t have. I can’t get it to work in Firefox or Safari, however, I can sorta get it to work in an antique and now unsupported version of IE for Mac. After the first couple of questions, I could see it wasn’t worth tracking down what the problem is.

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6 thoughts on “Mac users must not be very geeky

  1. I got it to work on my Mac by using IE, but it was slow and buggy (pretty much like any IE experience). I’m not as geeky as I had hoped: only a 53 (Heading to Geekdom.) I think I lost points because I don’t have a TiVo or like Dungeons & Dragons.

  2. I scored a 17. Probably should’ve been lower since I had to choose one of those videogames – they didn’t offer a none of the above choice – and took Ms. Pacman since I haven’t played a videogame since Donkey Kong was hot the first time. Also not sure I would take a comic book series with me to the desert island, but decided Batman was the one if I had to choose one.
    OTOH, how many of you own chainsaws? How many own more than one? Ever used a coathanger to replace a broken muffler strap? I thought so.

  3. Oh. I SO need one of those “compact utility tractors.” I’ve got a large pile of woodchips, which will be handy around the garden, only the pile is about as far from the garden as it can be and still be on our property. I don’t even have a functioning wheel barrow…

  4. Here’s a tip – rent one. Unless you use a piece of equipment like that at least every week or so, you’re better off renting it for a day or two. No upkeep, no worries about storing it or if it will start after a long layoff.

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