Apple makes “volume limit” a part of iPod software

Apple makes “volume limit” a part of iPod software: (From “Apple Computer, facing complaints and a lawsuit saying the popular player can cause hearing loss, made a maximum volume setting available as part of a software update Wednesday. The free download applies to the iPod Nano and the iPod models with video-playback capabilities.”

I guess all the rest of you can just go deaf. Also, see earlier rexblog post: “The truthiness of iPod ear

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One thought on “Apple makes “volume limit” a part of iPod software

  1. I’m reminded of warnings to those who like to listen to tunes while cutting grass, etc. The power equipment noise may be harmful in itself, over prolonged periods, so adding music to it, at high volume because you want to hear the tunes over the engine, right? – just compounds the problem. With hearing loss a reality for me, I use headset sound mufflers for any lengthy activity involving powered equipment, such as vacuuming, chainsawing, etc.

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