What? No banjo questions?

What? No banjo questions? Rafat Ali interviews Bob Carrigan, president, IDG Communications, the alpha-b2b media company. Bob is a get-it guy. But then, I’m biased, because (you heard it first here): he’s also a hardcore bluegrass fan who does a little picking himself. I don’t know: there’s just something about knowing the CEO of the biggest tech media firm plays the banjo that helps me believe all is right with the world.

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One thought on “What? No banjo questions?

  1. Heh. Wish I’d known this earlier. I’ve freelanced articles for three IDG titles, I play the banjo, and I’m named Bob, too. I wonder if dropping some banjo licks into the stories would have gotten me a staff job when I was looking for one. 🙂

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