Khoi Vinh on the redesign

Khoi Vinh on the redesign: The awesome redesign I didn’t do. Khoi is the new design director at the NYTimes.


“I think it’s a sterling piece of work, a great example of how to evolve a user experience rather than reinvent it: the best reaction it could receive from readers (those not among that vanishingly small subset of the general populace who can be called ‘design savvy’) would be something along the lines of “The new design looks just like the old design.— That would suit me fine, because it would signal a continuity that I think is completely appropriate for such a closely watched site like The New York Times’, and besides, I know for a fact that it’s more elegant and more useful than it was before.”

I’m a big fan of Khoi’s structured, minimal design (and his blog) and look forward to his leadership in evolving the design.

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2 thoughts on “Khoi Vinh on the redesign

  1. As you know Rex I agree. I’m really impressed by this. Look at how much information is available without crowding or clutter. I get the feeling of having a perfect or near perfect overview of the contents. Or, better put, I can see what is there or think I can which is all that matters. We’re working on similar things for the Chronicnews sites.

  2. Actually the redesign really took me aback. But not because it’s bad (though perhaps that means it is by Khoi’s definition) — but just because I know the NYT site so well I don’t even have to look at it…I scroll right to the parts I want to see what I want to see.

    This time, I had to actually read the whole page. Damn annoying. Hopefully I’ll get past that in a day or two.

    It is certainly very clean looking and I like the big picture up front.

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