Getting Real: Self-published ‘e-book’ case-study

Getting Real: Self-published ‘e-book’ case-study: No way is Jason Fried just anybody. He’s got a small-business philosophy and point-of-view that he can articulate as well as anyone I know. Rather than be a side-line theorist who wastes time attacking what others attempt or believe, he spends his energies creating things and has a track record of developing online products that matter to many passionate users (I am one: I live in Basecamp.) Jason and his crew at 37signals run seminars about the way they manage projects and recently spent time collecting their approach into a book form called Getting Real, the book, and decided to self-publish it as a PDF.

The Jason & Co. viral marketing team responded like any cult would (again, I’m a self-confessing member of this cult) and now, a few weeks later, Jason reports that total revenue for the book has already reached $120,000. And since that is $120,000 in self-publishing, digital production dollars, that’s saying something. This is a story to follow, however, I wouldn’t encourage folks to merely focus on the self-publishing PDF aspects of the story. Jason and Co. have a great story and message to present. They have something worth saying and listening to. Those elements are the key to this publishing success.

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