Gabe steps up to the plate with Ballbug

Gabe steps up to the plate with Ballbug: Gabe Rivera uses his memeorandum blog-conversation-tracking engine to power up Ballbug. (His blog post announcing it.) This comes a few weeks after the launch of Gabe’s “dirt-digging” celebrity gossip grabber, Congratulations, Gabe. I hope you knock this one out of the park.

This (and the start of baseball season) remind me that a few months ago, I met Doug Drinen, the St. Joseph’s University (Philadelphia) math and computer science professor who runs, including one of the most incredible wiki projects I’ve seen that doesn’t have the -opedia suffix: The BR Bullpen.

Sites like Ballbug, and the BR Bullpen make for an impressive array of sports media from the bleacher seats.

(Sidenote: Yes, I know it’s ironic that I’m sitting here watching the finals of the NCAA basketball tournament while blogging about baseball.)

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