I agree with what Matt and Paul said – Jon Udell influences me

I agree with what Matt and Paul said – Jon Udell influences me: I should have been quicker to congratulate the folks at Folio: for being wise enough to name Jon Udell to their “Folio: 40” of the most influential folks in the magazine industry. Paul Conley and Matt Mcalister were more timely in their comments.

I’ve never met Jon, but I’m a big fan of everything he does. He is the innovator behind one of my favorite new things: screencasting. If they gave Oscars for screenscasts, this early example of his screencasting would win, hands-down: “Heavy metal umlaut: the movie,” which is also a great introduction to how wikipedia entries work. Jon is also the first person I saw who mashed-up Google maps into a narrative, a walking tour of Keene, NH. Jon has a unique talent for telling stories that display to me how technology can help one understand and appreciate old (and new) things in new (and different) ways.

Sidenote: Another Folio: 40 shout out goes, not to a person, but to an organization that made the list: The Custom Publishing Council. I am one of the organization’s co-founders but its continuing success (now 87 member-companies) is due to executive director Lori Rosen and those enlightened pros in the custom publishing arena who cooperate and compete in a most respectful and unique way.

Update: Am I embarrassed, or what? Folio: also included Rafat Ali  of PaidContent.org on the list (in the under the radar category). Man, I need to look through that list again. Sorry, Rafat. And congratulations. (