Local online coverage of Nashville killer tornado

Local online coverage of Nashville killer tornados: In the past, I’ve pointed to other cities’ local news coverage of weather disasters. I’ve noted that newspapers like the Mobile Press Register and, most notably and impressively, the New Orleans Picayune, discovered early in their disaster coverage that the blogging format (reverse chronology, time-stamped, immediate) is ideally suited for coverage of such a breaking dis-jointed event. I’ve just surfed around a bit to see if any of those lessons from other markets are being applied here in the wake of a series of tornados ripping through numerous communities in Middle Tennessee today. At this point, 11 people are reported killed. Here’s a roundup of how, as of 10:30 p.m., CDT, the coverage of the tornados online:

  • The Tennessean: The Tennessean is using its front page to package a dozen stories. Impressive coverage — and impressive they are throwing everything online as soon as they can.
  • Nashville City Paper: The Nashville City Paper has one article — no special format.
  • Nashville Scene: No coverage.
  • WKRN-TV: The station recently redesigned its website and the result is a perfect format for such a breaking news story as this: reverse chronological, time-stamped.
  • WKRN blogs:

  • Nashville is Talking: Oddly (surreally?), Nashville is Talking’s guest blogger is covering the immigration issue tonight. People from all over the world who have Nashville ties are trying to find out about their friends and family. Can’t immigration wait until tomorrow? What needs to be happening is a round up of what Nashville bloggers are really talking about tonight…and it ain’t immigration.
  • NashvilleWX (link fixed): I couldn’t get on the site earlier today, its server was obviously being taxed. But tonight, NashvilleWX appears to be shaping up as the go-to weblog. WKRN’s weather team know how to cover weather on TV and they are seasoned bloggers.
  • WSMV TV: The stories and video are all there on the front, jumbled, but there. Already a link to the Red Cross.
  • WTVF TV: Story, video on the front page. Links to Red Cross and Community Foundation Tennessee storm recovery effort. I’m adding a link to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Storm Recovery Fund here as well.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll point to what area bloggers are saying.

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    All clear – Nashville gets hammered with storms

    All clear – Nashville gets hammered with storms: I am fine, thanks for the email. I just added a set of photos to Flickr of one of the “super cells” that have been passing through Middle Tennessee this afternoon. 7th floor of 3322 West End, looking west out Murphy Road. I know. I should have been in an interior hallway. Don’t try this at home or you could get sucked out of a window — or worse. (CNN story.)

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    Blowin in the wind

    Blowin in the wind: Yikes. There are tornados all over the place.  Gotta love this headline at Tennessean.com: “Disaster drill interrupted by threat of bad weather .” 

    [at 2:26 p.m.] Hudge and I are watching the TV satellite tracking of two tornados block-by-block, one of which appears to be heading over his neighborhood.

    [at 3:01 p.m.] “Super cells” (a new term for me) throughout the Middle Tennessee area. The folks at WKRN’s NashvilleWX blog must be getting some major traffic as I can’t get to their site. WKRN’s Nashville is Talking must be on another server.

    [4:30] Good news on the Hudge front…his home was spared, although some neighbors weren’t so lucky. Will be uploading photos shortly.

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