Blowin in the wind

Blowin in the wind: Yikes. There are tornados all over the place.  Gotta love this headline at “Disaster drill interrupted by threat of bad weather .” 

[at 2:26 p.m.] Hudge and I are watching the TV satellite tracking of two tornados block-by-block, one of which appears to be heading over his neighborhood.

[at 3:01 p.m.] “Super cells” (a new term for me) throughout the Middle Tennessee area. The folks at WKRN’s NashvilleWX blog must be getting some major traffic as I can’t get to their site. WKRN’s Nashville is Talking must be on another server.

[4:30] Good news on the Hudge front…his home was spared, although some neighbors weren’t so lucky. Will be uploading photos shortly.

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