From Bill Hudgins (Sunday update)

From Bill Hudgins (Sunday update): “Wilda and i are having survivor guilt, a bit. Life is not normal in Gallatin, yet Walmart is full, people are mowing lawns and life continues. Our friends whose daughter got married were both lucky and unlucky – they survived the storm, and their house, while damaged, was not destroyed so they can salvage all of their belongings, or most anyway. Yet their house was twisted around on the foundation and will have to be rebuilt. Of course, their neighbors whose homes were obliterated are far worse off. It was oddly wonderful to celebrate the creation of a new family, to celebrate the power of life to go on at their wedding, after such a narrow escape.

BTW, I plan to ask the folks at the Fairvue Club if i can write an article for some industry trade magazine about how they pulled off a sitdown white tablecloth wedding reception without any electrical power (see previous post). If so, I will ask the magazine to donate my salary to some kind of relief fund, or maybe the old chefs home. It was truly remarkable, and a great statement to the staff who know us and the family and many of the guests well.

More photos: Gallatin News Examiner

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