Cyndi Schoenbrun makes my day

Cyndi Schoenbrun makes my day: Apparently, Ms. Schoenbrun, a senior research analyst at Consumer Reports, is a regular consumer of the consumer-generated content of this weblog as she mentioned the rexblog this morning while on a panel at the Buying and Selling eContent conference. What she didn’t know was that one of my closest real-world friends (i.e., of the non-blogger variety) was in the audience sending me an e-mail via his Blackberry. Thank you, Cyndi — you’ve given me street cred with the homeys.

Update: Rafat (via comments) provides proof that Cyndi did, indeed, give this weblog a shout-out. He’s also at the conference.

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2 thoughts on “Cyndi Schoenbrun makes my day

  1. Rex, I believe in giving credit where credit is due! Your blog is a tremendous resource for the work I do. You’ve, on numerous occasions, provided me with the ability to keep my clients informed, by posting “just in time” news or analysis, before it’s been reported in the mainstream press.

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