Print’s like so duh-ed

Print’s like so duh-ed: I guess teenage girls will be printing pictures off the web to put up on their walls as Jack Kliger has killed the magazine Elle Girl and is going to make it available via PDF (actally, it’s the Zinio digital distribution platform, that hip platform all the kids are into – note: that’s a joke)…Anyway, according to the newly redesigned and not requiring registration

“When a magazine’s ad pages climb nearly 50% in a year and its paid circulation jumps almost 20%, you don’t expect it to get shut down. So when Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. put a stake through its vibrant Elle Girl last week and called the future, the normal rules suddenly seemed, well, old….Jack Kliger, Hachette’s chairman-CEO, cast the decision as particular to the teen category. “Every two to three years, we have to market to a whole new group,” he said. “In order for a magazine to make business sense, we have to have a strong consumer model as well as a successful advertising story.”

The story goes on to make this into a trend story about magazines folding because of the Internet. As I’ve said here for the past five years — until I’m getting blue in the fingers — magazines died long before the Internet — If Elle Girl is a failure, it’s not because of the web.

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