Dusting off the Screaming Media model

Dusting off the Screaming Media model? Heather Green writes today about the BlogBurst Syndication Network (from Pluck Corp.), “a service that pulls together the posts of 700 bloggers and makes them available for traditional publications.”


“Pluck employees then vet and review the blogs before pulling together a feed of the best posts for publication partners. The newspapers then put the posts they want into different sections of their online sites. The goal is for newspapers to sell ads in these sections. Pluck would then take a cut of those sales and give a portion to the best performing bloggers.”

Observation: If this is sounding familiar, you may be having some Web 1.0 deja-vu about Screaming Media, “that (was) basically a content syndicate — an online update on the kind of service that newspaper syndicates have long provided: aggregating content from content creators and redistributing it to various content publishers where it appears. Screaming Media (collected) fees from the content republisher and (paid) the original content providers.”

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  1. Hi Rex,

    I am so glad you wrote this post. One of the things we have to remember is the past….

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