Map wars – you are here

Map wars – you are here: Yahoo! is rolling out a new map feature it says kicks Google’s (I made that part up). However, John Battelle does say Yahoo claims it has “higher resolution satellite images.” I’m checking it now to see if I can find my dog running around my back yard.

I’ll be impressed when one of them adds that feature that CTU used the other night to track Audrey Raines driving through the Sepulveda Pass. It works great unless your vector is locked out by a class one priority override.

Update: Apparently, Yahoo’s satellite is not passing over my Nashville neighborhood’s vector, or perhaps it is being locked out by a class one priority override, as I have a much clearer image of my patio grill via Google maps than via Yahoo (both are screen grabs of the closest zoom available to me).

Update II: Jeremy Zawodny had much
better results
than me. Fortunately, I won’t be doing any air
sailing over my neighborhood.

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5 thoughts on “Map wars – you are here

  1. Ok, I have to give Yahoo! credit for actually recognizing my street as one that exists (which Google Earth doesn’t yet do). Although my actual house doesn’t show up on Yahoo’s map yet, and the marker is about two blocks off from where it actually is, it does show the mass of trees that my house backs up to and doesn’t scare me with an apocalyptic “that location does not exist” message.

  2. It shows my house unlike Google – the marker is also off by a couple hundred yards, as it is in mapquest and every other place I have looked. What is bittersweet is that the image clearly pre-dates Friday April 7’s tornadoes, and the affected neighborhoods are still pristine.

  3. Dude, you need to have some geek like Chloe commandeer a satellite (while it’s in range!) to get realtime coverage like that… you’re just Joe Consumer, you’ve got to be content with imagery from storage…. 😉


  4. Chloe is key, you’re right. She can hack into anything in real-time. I especially like the way she can position infared-detecting satellites over any building in a matter of seconds. “Jack, there’s a bad guy around the left corner.”

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