I have a prediction

I have a prediction: The weblog Magazine Death Pool will die way before any “age of magazines.” And, as I’ve said on this weblog many, many times, magazines in America have been dying off since the late 1700s when they started being launched. Magazines die every week — probably every day. Always have, always will.

Also, why is the website devoted to tracking magazine deaths anonymous? It is certain that the website dedicated to tracking magazine births is powered by someone who is the opposite of anonymous.

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The T-P wins a Pulitzer

The T-P wins a Pulitzer: Jeff Jarvis has always been nice to credit me with my early and continuous urging of the powers-that-be to award a Pulitzer Prize to the Times Picayune’s online efforts after Katrina. Jeff’s bully pulpit is much bullier than mine; I was just stating the obvious – never before had I been moved by such coverage of a breaking news story. As Jeff notes today, the Pulitzer folks have seen the future and while not awarding Nola.com the award explicitly, the online coverage played a significant and acknowledged part in the award.

The T-P did not even have the ability to print a paper in the days following Katrina. Indeed, the reporters and staff of the paper were living through the hell themselves — and still they kept their readers — and the world — informed. History will note the way in which the Picayune’s online coverage of Katrina has forever changed the way in which a breaking catastrophic story can be — should be — reported. It proved that many of the conventions first developed and refined by bloggers, specifically the reverse-chronological display of stories and, at times, the reassuring, compassionate and conversational human voice, are more effective online than the “above the fold” headline, inverted pyramid and 5-Ws (who, what, etc.) of the print newspaper era.

(More about the winners.)

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