A wiki a day

A wiki a day: (From the shameless self-promotion department.) The ever-insightful eastwikkers are 25-days into a roundup of some of 33 best practices in wiki-based collaboration. I suggest looking through the entire list for those who want to get a sense of some of the amazing things being done with wiki tools and approaches that aren’t the best-known example.

I am especially proud of yesterday’s review, #24 on the count-down, Smallbusiness.com:

“Great name, great look (dead simple), and a great number of resources (volume is sometimes important). There are a number of commercial sites that target the huge and amorphous small-business market, but this is the only site doing this in a truly collaborative fashion. The value to this approach? As a partner at an independent PR agency, I can tell you: there’s no substitute for knowledge that comes from people who have actually “been there, done that.” This site taps the collective wisdom of an expert group and serves up useful, practical information in areas such as law, management, finance, marketing, HR, state-by-state resources, and much more.”

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