Endurance junkie

Endurance junkie: Lance Armstrong says he’ll run the NYC Marathon in November, but not as a professional:


Before committing to become a full-time cyclist, Armstrong competed in triathlons as a teenager. He indicated he has no plans to run marathons or enter triathlons professionally, at least not at this time.

Prediction: From reading his autobiographies and participating (very slowly, very anonymously and very badly) in a few triathlons, I’ve always felt Armstrong would have preferred triathlons if the sport had the business opportunities that European cycling offered him. He was a great distance swimmer as a teenager. Perhaps doing a marathon is his way of judging what it would take for him to compete in the one leg of the “Ironman” (a brand name for the type of triathlon that ends with a marathon-distance run) where he wouldn’t be at the elite level right off the bench. Or maybe all he wants to do is have some fun (oops, out of date lyrics).

(via: Mark Oldham)

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  1. someone in my class did the 2005 wisconsin ironman in 11 hours 45 minutes, placing under 200 in a field of 2,000. in fact, this same someone works in your building, rex, so if you see a skinny guy in the elevator who looks like he could run an ironman, tell him congratulations.

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