My prediction regarding AOL’s rumored “MySpace Killer”

My prediction regarding AOL’s rumored “MySpace Killer”: (Background: The rumor du jour is “AOL is about to launch a Myspace Killer.” )

My prediction: AOL’s MySpace killer will kill MySpace the same way AOL Journals killed TypePad and Blogger and WordPress. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting MySpace won’t get killed. I’m just predicting it won’t be by AOL. Indeed, my resident teenage focus group thinks MySpace is “lame.” They think AOL is lamer, however. This month, at least, Facebook rules the fickle social media roost of my focus group. That’s this month. Next month, who knows?

Update: Staci is being the party-pooper over at She says, today’s rumor is “actually oldish news that was reported months ago.” She also says this shouldn’t be framed as “cool vs. un-cool.” I agree: It should be framed as un-cool vs. un-cooler.

Update II: Ted Leonsis (Vice Chairman of America Online, Inc. and President of AOL’s audience-based businesses, Owner of the Washington Capitals) says “We’re not launching a MySpace killer.” Translation (via Michael Arrington): “AOL is launching a MySpace killer.”

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2 thoughts on “My prediction regarding AOL’s rumored “MySpace Killer”

  1. It will be interesting to see who can come up with something anywhere near a MySpace killer. My guess is MSN would have the best luck. Their spaces / MSN Messenger integration is very popular – moreso outside the USA – and has some of the viral tools that make MySpace popular.

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