‘reinvented’ ‘reinvented’: Lots to praise about the design and usability of‘s new look and features this morning. And, despite continuing their subscription model for access to current news, they’ve placed 30+ day-old articles outside the cost-wall — so today there’s about 8,000 new articles related to Nashville’s business history out there on the free web. Their RSS (w/ paid subscription) options include the ability to subscribe to what I would call “tag feeds” — or, others may call them “semantical feeds.” Simple version: You can get an RSS feed of any search term, so, if you’re a Nashville business person and you want a local ego-tracking RSS feed, here you go. The new site also offers comments to registered (paid subscription) readers.

Note of disclosure: Everyone related to the and the folks who did this project are friends or acquaintances of mine. I’m happy the Nashville Post is back as it continues to be the go-to source for breaking business news in this area. Several months ago, when it reemerged from hiatus, I praised it here on the rexblog, but mentioned I didn’t like their paid subscription model. That evening while having dinner with my wife at a restaurant near my home, the owner of the Nashville Post walked over to the table and reminded me he reads the rexblog (unrelated fact – he’s also a major shareholder in the restaurant where I was eating). That led to a few longer conversations with him and others at their office that I discovered is so close to me, we can detect each others wireless networks on our computers. I have no business relationship with the folks other than being a paid subscriber, regular reader and fan.

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  1. In my totally unbiased opinion I wanted to add that I think the new site looks absolutely fantastic.

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