Southwest is blogging

Southwest is blogging: Southwest Airlines (the unofficial airlines of is blogging. Josh Hallett has already taken a look at it. Here is my suggestion: Please, no podcasts that include flight attendants singing. Actually, that would be a popular feature, but not for someone like me who has heard every song, every version. However, I do think they should post passenger videos (see the last post).

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2 thoughts on “Southwest is blogging

  1. Below is a copy of a letter that I submitted to the Dallas Morning News. Hopefully, it speaks for itself, as I LUV Southwest airlines!

    If the Wright Amendment continues to restrict air travel at Love Field, the City of Dallas stands to lose much more than tax revenue. Should Southwest Airlines finally get fed up and decide to move its headquarters elsewhere, then Dallas will no longer be the home of one of this country’s most admired companies.

    Southwest landed at #3 on the 2006 Fortune 500 list of America’s Most Admired Companies. Southwest’s reputation and highly regarded status in the business world is no secret; it is the subject of many books, articles, and business periodicals.

    While Southwest Airlines has “LUV’ed” Dallas for 35 years now, there are other cities who will jump at the chance to roll out the red carpet for Southwest. If Dallas city leaders don’t act quickly and support the Right to Fly Act, then Dallas may find that it has to bear the embarrassing burden of being the city that ran Southwest Airlines out of town. As a proud Dallas resident, THAT is one thing I’d rather not have to admit to.

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