“On demand” jet service may land in Nashville?

“On demand” jet service may land in Nashville? Okay, that headline may be a little wishful thinking on my part. But my unintentional day-long air travel theme continues with news that DayJet, the “world’s first ‘per-seat, on-demand’ jet service,” is launching in the southeast later this year.

From the Tampa Tribune:

Imagine an airline rewriting its routes and schedules each day to fly you in and out of airports of your choice when you wanted to go – for a price between $1 to $3 a mile. That’s the business plan underlying DayJet, a Boca Raton-based air taxi start-up that announced Monday it would begin service in Florida and six other Southeastern states by year’s end….DayJet will fly five-passenger Eclipse 500, called a very light jet in the industry, with two pilots. That will leave three seats for passengers who will join a membership club with nominal fees comparable to a credit card membership….

While Nashville has lots of scheduled service, it amazes me how few southeastern cities we can reach with direct service — like none on the panhandle of Florida, for example. And if a southeastern city is not served by Southwest, the cost to fly there is steep (but not as steep as DayJet). The PDF map on their website lists the general aviation airport, John Tune, as a “potential” DayPort (cute name) but the company won’t be announcing specific cities it will serve until later this year.

(via: Springwise)

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