Jon Fine’s ‘user-generated’ statistics

Jon Fine’s ‘user-generated’ statistics: BusinessWeek’s Jon Fine has a very good piece on magazines and their online efforts in the current BusinessWeek, but, unfortunately he uses the fuzzy and false statistics from “Merrill Lynch” as in, not a specific analyst or study, but to the entire firm. Here is the way Jon puts it, “Meanwhile, total Internet ad spending is predicted to surpass the spending at magazines this year.” Once more, and this time….I….will….speak…..slowly…..: While I celebrate the break-out growth in Internet ad spending, “ALL” Internet ad spending will not surpass ALL magazine ad spending this year, as the statistics do not include ALL magazine ad spending, only that in consumer magazines. It leaves out about $10 billion of ad spending in business-to-business magazines — including, I assume, many magazines published by Jon Fine’s employer. Again, hooray for ALL Internet ad spending. I’m thrilled it’s growing faster than kudzu in Alabama. But stop with the correlations and comparisons that leave out Mack-truck size facts.

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