‘I’m a Heather Green fan’ post

‘I’m a Heather Green fan’ post: I’m not blogging this weekend (unless the Titans draft pick is bizarre) so I’ve been holding back on this self-serving post until Friday afternoon as I wanted it to occupy the top spot here all weekend. (Also, I bashed one BusinessWeek blogger already today, so I thought it would be nice to praise another.)

Earlier this week, Heather Green gave Smallbusiness.com a really nice shout-out:

“Under the barrage of new social networking sites, I have been thinking about the different kinds of communities there are out there. I think when companies think about community today, they probably default to social networking. But differnet approaches make sense for different intentions. Here are just a few I have been looking at….One is the Smallbusiness.com wiki, which helps people in small business share tips. Eastwikkers wrote about this as part of a very interesting list they did of wikis. I agree with their analysis that its lessons on expert based services provide the most insight, helping you figure out who are experts in an area.”

What she said! Now, enjoy the weekend.

(Background: Lots more than you’ll ever want to know.)

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