End of an era?

End of an era? Steve McNair’s agent says he’ll be traded to the Ravens today but Jeff Fisher says, “not likely.”

Quote from the Tennessean:

“He is getting ready to go to Baltimore. I think there will be a trade done some time today, probably sooner than later,” Cook said. “McNair is aware of the talks. He’ll be fine to move on. The Ravens are a very competitive team. He can take them to the Super Bowl.’’ Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said a trade “is very unlikely.” “I haven’t been involved in those discussions,’’ Fisher said. “I can’t confirm or deny that, but I would say it is very unlikely.’’

Yesterday, frist-round draft pick Vince Young was being described as a “young Steve McNair.” Today, it’s Earl Campbell’s name that’s being used by Bud Adams. The feel-good story of McNair mentoring Young, who he’s known for years will not happen. Instead, the ironic and feel-bad reality of the NFL means McNair will be leaving Nashville. “Go Ravens” (at least when not playing the Titans) is something I never thought I’d be saying.

Flashback: Steve McNair posts have been a staple of the rexblog for many years.

Oh, and the Tennessean is calling this a blog.

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One thought on “End of an era?

  1. How about Cutler to Denver? A lot of people gonna be conflicted in their cheering…

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