Celebrity endorsement deals – Lena Basha and Vince Young

Celebrity endorsement deals – Lena Basha and Vince Young: Thursday Night Fever’s Mr. Roboto got up early to see the Country Music Maraton and among the 23,000 runners, he saw Lena Basha from Hammock Publishing who was wearing a Thursday Night Fever T-shirt. I’m still angry at the corporate marketing department of TNF for outbidding me on this endorsement deal. (Update: Spoke too soon: I now see that the T-shirt in question was a shirt co-sponsored by TNF & Hammock. I am happy to set the record straight.)

Speaking of endorsement deals, Adweek is reporting that, “Reebok has signed a multiyear deal with Vince Young.”

From the Reebok press release:

“Young joins an elite list of Reebok’s NFL quarterbacks, including Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, Eli Manning, Matt Hasselbeck and Byron Leftwich. …Beginning in the 2006/2007 NFL season, Young will compete on the field in the brand’s Rbk Performance product collection, specifically the Pump Down and Out cleat and Rbk Triple Impact compression apparel, part of the NFL Equipment collection launching this upcoming NFL season. Young will train in the brand’s Speed Flex apparel, featuring Play Dry technology, and the Agility Trainer footwear.In addition, Young will be included in Reebok’s new NFL television campaign, “I Knew…,” a creative execution within the brand’s marketing platform, “I Am What I Am.” The “I Knew …” campaign will highlight the brand’s iconic athletes to aggressively market Reebok as the official outfitter of the NFL. Young’s “I Knew…” ad will debut in fall 2006 and will air on NFL game broadcasts.”

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One thought on “Celebrity endorsement deals – Lena Basha and Vince Young

  1. Yes, I wanted to wear an official Hammock t-shirt to fully represent Hammock Publishing, but I was worried about ruining it. And once Mr. Roboto told me that he had a few extras leftover from BlogNashville, well, my mind was made up. That, and he left out one small detail in his post. We showed up to the marathon wearing the exact same shirt! How embarrassing!

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