New Apple ads?

New Apple ads? I saw a couple of new Apple TV spots tonight that explain to me why I’ve been seeing “Mac” virus posts all day — as in, Macs do have viruses — word that one of the spots claim Macs don’t have viruses must have leaked and some “oh yeah?” damage control was being spread. The ads have two characters that personify “Mac” and “PC.” Not so thinly veiled, the “Mac” character looks like a 20-year-old Steve Jobs and the PC looks like a 30ish overweight Bill Gates. In one of the commercials, PC is sick with viruses — Mac never gets them. In the other commercial, Mac quotes Walt Mossberg’s Wall Street Journal’s review of the Mac and PC says he also got a good review from some made-up publication. Oddly, I can’t find the commercials online. I’ll look some more.

Update: The ads don’t seem available yet on, however, via:, here are some links to them on YouTube: Here is the virus ad and the Walt Mossberg, “one of the most respected technology experts on the planet” ad. These are both very funny on second look. These ads harken back to the early “Switch” ads — simply shot with a stripped down musical theme that ends a second or two before the visual — this is more playful than the Switch theme, however. Another thing: While these actors, as noted, are clearly a not-so-subtle Jobs-Gates inside joke, their comedic chemistry and timing will also be familiar to fans of The Office, as they have a Jim-Dwight thing going on, as well.

I guess since today there was an AP story suggesting Macs actually do have viruses, tomorrow we should expect to see a rash of blog posts suggesting Walt Mossberg is not actually one of the most respected technology experts on the planet. : )

Update: The entire series of ads have been posted by Apple.

Update: Thanks to Lewis, who loves him, we now know who PC is.

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  1. Rex, his book which you linked to is great, especially if your brain is hard wired for sarcasm like mine, and he has also been appearing on the daily show to my great delight lately – he has a perfect deadpan.

    search for him on youtube. here he is as a guest talking about the book, but since then he’s also been appearing regularly as a “resident expert.”

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