Yahoo! Tech vs. CNET is no contest, as in, it’s NOT a contest

Yahoo! Tech vs. CNET is no contest, as in, it’s NOT a contest: (Scott Karp on why the blogosphere isn’t impressed with Yahoo! Tech): “Why — because they’re all a BUNCH OF GEEKS.” (By “blogosphere,” I assume he’s referring to the tech blogosphere, as a quick Technorati search reveals that knitting bloggers have been strangely quiet today on the topic of Yahoo! Tech.)

I tend to agree with Scott that the tech blog commentary today has been focused on whether or not Yahoo! Tech is a threat to CNET. He’s right. That misses the point. Yahoo! Tech is a consumer site. CNET is a business-to-business technology site that has some (like me) geeky consumer readership, as well. Yahoo! Tech is more Walt Mossbergian than Kent Germanian, I guess is what I’m trying to say. And we all know (at least people who watched TV tonight — see previous post), that one of the most effective marketing machines on the planet has named Walt Mossberg “one of the most respected technology experts on the planet.”

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