The coming bust in Web 2.0 names

The coming bust in Web 2.0 names: I argued this morning that boom and bust aren’t necessarily applicable tags to apply to the current proliferation (and inevitable failure of many) of the web applications and new media experiments that fit under that biggest of big tents called Web 2.0.

However, in the last few moments, I’ve been glancing over all the names on the website/blog called categoriz and I must say that after a while, all of the names run together. Looking over that page reminded me of the recent meme quiz, “Web 2.0 or Star Wars Character?” Except the quiz just scratched the surface.

In the magazine world, it’s thought that most “categories” can sustain two, maybe three brands. However, in the magazine world, publishers have a genius for creating new niches in which they can be number one or two. When it comes to Web 2.0, rather than explore new categories, it seems to me that developers feel compelled to createt the tenth or twentieth version (but better than the others) of the same thing. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go climb a new mountain than for everyone to keep trying to climb the same old ones?

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