Please update your RSS feed of the rexblog

Please update your RSS feed of the rexblog: The most current feed is this one:

The old feed works, but when I was checking out Dave Winer’s new service, Share Your OPML, I noticed the rexblog feed was showing up in two ways: the RSS feed address above and the old one.

By the way, I’ve aggregated into one OPML file a list of lots of feeds I subscribe to (I use a topical folder approach in organizing my feeds that include personal and professional-related feeds, so I didn’t have one long list of feeds) and uploaded it to this page on Share Your OPML. Here is Mike Arrington’s review of Share Your OPML. Can’t wait to play with SYO more later. Steve Rubel has a rundown of what he thinks it can lead to. There  are lots of blog posts today on about SYO —  there are links to them at, or, as we call it here, the website formerly known as

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