Why your life sucks

Why your life sucks: Shawn Lea has this amusing and enlightening story about someone she sat next to on a flight today: “I was sitting next to an older gentleman who was reading Why Your Life Sucks – extensively marking sections with a green highlighter. (I am not making this up.) The man never made eye contact with me, never smiled, never said hello. I came very close to telling him one reason that his life sucks which that book may not explore is he’s ignoring all those around him, blocking himself off, not connecting at all.”

7 thoughts on “Why your life sucks

  1. I bet being fined by the NBA for criticizing the officiating will be in the revised second edition

  2. An Amazon reviewer kindly listed the 10 clues to sucky life listed in the book. Most seem to involve interacting with other people. So maybe Shawn’s fellow traveler really has a pretty unsucky life..

    Reason 1: You give your power away.
    Reason 2: You expect it to suck
    Reason 3: You get fooled by appearances
    Reason 4: You waste your energy on things that suck
    Reason 5: You keep trying to prove yourself
    Reason 6: You say yes when you mean no
    Reason 7: You think you have to do it all yourself
    Reason 8: You try to fix other people
    Reason 9: You starve your soul
    Reason 10: You forgot to enjoy the ride

  3. Thanks, Hudge. Now I don’t have to buy the book and discover my life sucks because I wasted money on it.

  4. Hey, I made Rexblog. My life doesn’t suck anymore! 😉

    (And, sorry, bhudgins – I just don’t feel like I should call you Hudge since I don’t know you very well – anyone reading that book and marking sections with a highlighter is searching for salvation of some sort. I know I’m being terribly presumptive, but, I’m sorry, his life must suck in some way.)

  5. Hey, call me Hudge, bhudgins is a just pseudonym adopted because of technology, which is a sucky way to get a pseudonym.

  6. Thanks. Hudge it is. Now I almost feel like an honorary Hammoratian! 😉

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