The human-side of blogging

The human-side of blogging: Robert Scoble’s mother is extremely ill and Robert has joined his family to be with her during what appear to be her final few days of life. As I subscribe to RSS feeds of both his blog and his Flickr account, I am grateful that he has decided to share some honest thoughts and images regarding the experience from his perspective. As I’ve emailed him, my thoughts are with his mother and him and other family members.

To some, it may seem odd to some that Robert would be blogging about such a sensitive, personal experience. I think it is wonderful and, indeed, probably a very good way to help cope with the grieving process one goes through during such a loss. I am inspired by what Robert is sharing, as I was by this recent eloquent and heartfelt essay written by Terry Heaton after his wife passed away. It includes the following about why he posted a message on his weblog soon after returning home from the hospital on the morning she died: “The sense of loss that I felt that morning was overwhelmed by a fear so profound that I can’t even begin to describe it. My whole world was torn out from beneath me, and I was scared to death. The only — and I mean only — place I felt safe while I was awaiting the arrival of family and friends was right here at my keyboard. If I moved even a few steps away, I began to feel suffocated and would race back. I wrote the post and I sent an e-mail, and what happened after that kept me going. Hundreds upon hundreds of people responded, and I can’t tell you how important that was to me.”

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3 thoughts on “The human-side of blogging

  1. Thanks for pointing that out, it helps me feel a bit better about not wanting to get far from my computer in my situation with my own mother.

  2. I’m glad to know people don’t think I’m nuts for continuing to write about it. However, they may still think I’m nuts because of other things.

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