Uppity? (From today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution)“Nashville, the honky-tonk hamlet known more for Stetsons than skyscrapers, is getting downright uppity.” The story suggests a new skyscraper planned for Nashville is intended for southeastern “bragging rights” and also rounds up some other economic development news around the southeast. Strangely, however, the article is written with a somewhat bizarre point-of-view that implies a fear that if other cities in the south are vibrant, it is somehow a threat to Atlanta. The article includes some quotes reassuring the Atlanta homefolks they shouldn’t worry ’cause things are still swell: “We still have an engine for business that you don’t see in the rest of the Southeast, which is led by the airport,” (the president of Central Atlanta Progress) said. “Other cities may be on the rise, but we are still in the No. 1 position.”

While I am a proud booster of Nashville, I can say that I have never, in 27 years of living and working here, heard any Nashvillian express one ounce of Atlanta envy (on a macro level, that is — desire for better restaurants and retail, being a micro exception). Not being like Atlanta is one of the things Nashvillians are most proud of and “becoming another Atlanta,” with its sprawl and lack of planning is one of the “fears” I’ve heard universally expressed since the day I settled here. Believe me, people in Nashville are happy to let Atlanta have all the bragging rights they want.

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5 thoughts on “Uppity?

  1. I travel with a CB radio, and hear truckers all the time complain that noplace in America has worse traffic than nashville, including atlanta. When they are in atlanta, they say no place in america has worse traffic, including nashville. Etc. and etc. forever.

  2. As of two Fridays ago, I’m convinced we’re definitely catching Atlanta in the “worst traffic” category, if not winning. We are still better in every other way, of course.

  3. i’ve never heard anyone “threaten” to build a building before. (from the second line of the article)

    and by the way, laura, we are no where near houston in terms of traffic. and my sister drives 2 hours to a job at the moment in L.A.. If i drive 2 hours in nashville, even during rush hour, i usually end up in another state.

  4. There is a cool model of this building sitting in a window in The Cumberland on Church Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues).

    I fall in to the category of hoping Nashville does *not* begin to resemble Atlanta. Fortunately, this building will not increase Nashville’s resemblance to Atlanta any more than, say, a Tiffany & Co. and Cheesecake Factory opening in Atlanta.

  5. i look forward to that French dude who climbs skyscrapers coming for a visti.

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