Magazine bootleg site?

Magazine bootleg site? Dylan Stableford at MediaBistro’s FishBowlNY is pointing (warning: the “illustration” Dylan uses on his post may be, well, somewhat inappropriate for work if your monitor — like mine — is clearly visible to anyone walking by) to what he thinks “has to be a completely illegal” website called that allows one to download PDFs of current magazines. While the site features lots of consumer and business titles (169 in all), the top-ten downloads are all exactly what you’d expect. Dylan is running a contest on how long before the site is taken down. My guess: today. I’m guessing a bit-torrent approach would last longer. (I’ll end with  another warning: Don’t download anything from that site — you don’t know where that file has been.)

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Lies, damn lies and Guy Kawaski

Lies, damn lies and Guy Kawaski: Dave Winer asks “the obvious” question: “When is Guy Kawasaki going to list the ten biggest lies…of Guy Kawasaki? Here’s my suggestion for one of them: 1. I don’t give a shitake when people make fun of my weblog, as long as they link to it.

Update: Guy says (see comments) it’s no lie. Which inspires me to consider creating my own list: “Top ten ways to get Guy Kawasaki to comment on your weblog.” (For the record, I am a Guy Kawasaki fan.)

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