Have you still not set up a newsreader?

Have you still not set up a newsreader? If you’re like the group of IT people I spoke to the other night, I guess not. Here is a free story from today’s Wall Street Journal on the topic. I’ve also added it to a page I set up a long time ago that I send folks to when I say, “Hey you should set up a newsreader!

(via: Steve Rubel)

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2 thoughts on “Have you still not set up a newsreader?

  1. Best never to turn it off. I had mine off all weekend and it took 7 minutes to catch up to my 12 feeds, during which my other apps crawled.

  2. I can’t do feeds anymore. It’s not good for an obsessive personality. And, unfortunately, my job won’t pay me to read all day yet. I had to switch to a del.icio.us blogroll that I can read when I get the time. It’s a good alternative for those who want to follow certain blogs but feel like underachievers after trying to keep up with too many news feeds.

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