Flickr leaves beta — every other site should

Flickr leaves beta — every other site should: Flickr goes gamma. Get it? Geek-greek humor. I vote that the term Beta go gamma. To me, it’s about as lame as seeing “under construction” on a website. Why don’t developers just launch a site and then start fixing what doesn’t work? Do they think calling it Beta will cause people to ignore what’s crappy about the site? Mary Hodder has the definitive quote on this topic: “Users have been trained by the aggregate of developers to think ‘beta’ doesn’t really mean anything.”

By the way, Flickr has also received some design and UI tweaks that are very subtle but nice. Thumbs up.

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Yahoo syndicated info

Yahoo syndicated info: Staci Kramer reports the following: “Yahoo Finance is using the Syndicate conference to unveil a first for them and, as far as I can tell, a first all around: syndicated financial data and news distributed in user-customized, dynamic modules. The service is designed for small publishers, bloggers, corporate intranets, etc.” I’m never one to believe the adjective “first,” however, it sounds interesting.

Update: Josh Hallett is at the conference and blogging it.

Random observation about network television

Random observation about network television: If five years ago, someone would have told me that one day I’d overhear office conversations about the latest episode of a network drama, and I would be able to join in, I’d would have said, “No way.” However, with a DVR and some decent writing (Grey’s Anatomy, for example), network TV can actually be engaging.

Additional random observation: The President’s speech did, unfortunately, screw up my DVR. The iTunes Store is generating $3.98 in revenue from me today.

Scanning the periphery

Phrase of the day: “Scanning the periphery.” (From: Scanning for Threats and Opportunities, HBS Working Knowledge) “Buckminster Fuller developed a very personal and systematic approach to scanning the periphery. Whenever he was at an airport, he would randomly select a magazine from the stands in the bookstore and read it on his plane ride from cover to cover. On one trip the magazine might be about gardening, on another about fashion or airplane design. With each trip, Fuller learned something new and saw the world in a different way.

Observation: Some of my favorite blogs scan the periphery.

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