Flickr leaves beta — every other site should

Flickr leaves beta — every other site should: Flickr goes gamma. Get it? Geek-greek humor. I vote that the term Beta go gamma. To me, it’s about as lame as seeing “under construction” on a website. Why don’t developers just launch a site and then start fixing what doesn’t work? Do they think calling it Beta will cause people to ignore what’s crappy about the site? Mary Hodder has the definitive quote on this topic: “Users have been trained by the aggregate of developers to think ‘beta’ doesn’t really mean anything.”

By the way, Flickr has also received some design and UI tweaks that are very subtle but nice. Thumbs up.

(via: kottke)

One thought on “Flickr leaves beta — every other site should

  1. Beta is much better than “stealth mode,” the overused term of a previous era…

    Beta at most companies means no user support more than anything.

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