Location, location and kittens

Location, location and kittens: VC Rick Segal says (from Canada): “I’ve got nothing against Silicon Valley start ups or Venture Capitalist who feed there. Heck, I look to most of those VC guys for advice and guidance on many things. But when you look at the connected world we live in today, look at all the problems looking for solutions, and look at all the smart people each of are getting exposed to because of blogging, email, forums, etc, you have to ask the obvious question; aren’t there other great places with smart people doing world changing stuff that could use support, exposure, etc? I’m proud to be from my birth country (U.S.A) but there just has to be more out there.”

I was in Chicago yesterday to interview Jason Fried of 37Signals for a story in an upcoming issue of MyBusiness magazine. At lunch, we were discussing relative merits of him being far-removed from Silicon Valley vs. being there. We were in no way bashing the epicenter of the tech startup world, merely noting some of the distractions and mistaken success markers one can be convinced are important if immersed in the startup subculture there.

One of the things I noted (jokingly) was Jason’s ability to stay off the ValleyWag radar screen. So, when arriving home last night, I found it especially funny that ValleyWag had posted an item titled, “Jason Fried is mean to kittens.” (Note: By following the comments and links, we learn that Jason is not mean to kittens. Also, for the record, Jason and I did not discuss kittens.)

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