XM reaching out to its customers regarding record industry weasels

XM reaching out to its customers regarding record industry weasels: Oops. Did I just call the record industry a bunch of weasels? Let me clarify myself: I am sure as human beings, they are swell folks. Heck, the rexblog HQ is located in an office building that has, on its top floor, one of Nashville’s best known record labels — everyone I see on the elevator who works there seems like a really swell person. However, their industry trade association is forever doing things that only a bunch of clueless weasels would do: Like suing XM for offering a way for listeners to time-shift programs is something only weasels would do. XM radio subscribers (I am one, however, it’s not for me but for an offspring who listens to bluegrass music) got yesterday the following “statement” from the company. (Too bad XM doesn’t have a way to link to the statement so I could send some link-love their way. Too bad they don’t have a blog so they’d have a platform to blast the RIAA on it in precisely the same way they’re doing in the following e-mail.)

*Statement to XM Subscribers – The XM Nation*

Everything we’ve done at XM since our first minute on the air is about giving you more choices. We provide more channels and music programming than any other network. We play all the music you want to hear including the artists you want to hear but can’t find on traditional FM radio. And we offer the best radios with the features you want for your cars, homes, and all places in between.

We’ve developed new radios — the Inno, Helix and NeXus — that take innovation to the next level in a totally legal way. Like TiVo, these devices give you the ability to enjoy the sports, talk and music programming /whenever/ you want. And because they are portable, you can enjoy XM /wherever/ you want.

The music industry wants to stop your ability to choose when and where you can listen. Their lawyers have filed a meritless lawsuit to try and stop you from enjoying these radios.

They don’t get it. These devices are clearly legal. Consumers have enjoyed the right to tape off the air for their personal use for decades, from reel-to-reel and the cassette to the VCR and TiVo.

Our new radios complement download services, they don’t replace them. If you want a copy of a song to transfer to other players or burn onto CDs, we make it easy for you to buy them through XM + Napster.

Satellite radio subscribers like you are law-abiding music consumers; a portion of your subscriber fee pays royalties directly to artists. Instead of going after pirates who don’t pay a cent, the record labels are attacking the radios used for the enjoyment of music by consumers like you. It’s misguided and wrong.

We will vigorously defend these radios and your right to enjoy them in court and before Congress, and we expect to win.

Thank you for your support.

(Thanks, Bill Hudgins)

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  1. I agree with what the folks at XM said in their e-mail…however, all I could think when I read that was, “XM…yuck!” Y’all need to switch to Sirius. It’s the future of satellite radio (and they’ve got a pretty good bluegrass station too).

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