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Da Vinci Code mini review: Someone emailed me requesting that I explain why I think the film adaptation of Da Vinci Code stinks (however, they didn’t dispute my theory that references to the Fifth Ave. Apple Store are buried in it). Here’s what I mean: The movie is boring. Say what you want about the book, but it was a page-turner that was filled with suspense and intriguing historical theories and who-dunnit twists and sexual tension and one of the creepiest villains ever. I found myself dozing off during the movie — bored by the long explanations some poor character was having to make to explain what the heck was going on in the scene. The movie does succeed in one thing: the villain is still creepy, perhaps even moreso. But the sexual tension is removed and all of the religious and historical theories are talked to death in such a way as to make them seem more whacky than plausable. Heck, the Opus Dei people should be inviting people to this movie rather than boycotting it as no-one would confuse the movie with reality in the way too many readers confused fiction with fact in the book.

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  1. Haven’t seen the movie, but when I heard it was under way and Tom Hanks was cast as the lead, I was dumfounded. In the book, the professor-hero is described as something of a stud, albeit he’s somewhere in the early 40s range, I think. In another era, they might have cast Richard Chamberlain in the role. In 10 years, I could see Matt Damon playing it. But although Tom Hanks is many things, he simply doesn’t project studliness. That alone made me wonder how the movie would turn out.

    There’s a lot more to be said about the line between fiction and even arguable fact, of the desire to dispel nagging, suppressed doubt, and to ascribe all our uncertainties and ill-ease to vast shadowy conspiracies. But not here. Someone may be listening.

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