New Nashville business blog

New Nashville business blog: Dirk Plantinga sure knows how to get a link from me. He says he started blogging after hearing me speak at the Nashville Technology Council (although it was Brittney or Nick who inspired him, no doubt). And today, he helped launch a blog for the company he works for, the direct maketing firm, Acxiom-direct. (And talk about link-magnet: One of the first posts recommends Robert Scoble and Shel Israel‘s book, Naked Conversations — which, by the way, I also recommend.) Also, Dirk: I know Jay Graves.

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One thought on “New Nashville business blog

  1. Jay Graves came in today handing out Acxiom Direct pens to everyone. E-mail him at jay(dot)graves(at)acxiom(dot)com and ask him to send you a “Jay Buck” for giving us this great shout out.

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