Happy feet

Happy feet: If you’re a runner (or, like me, a really, really slow jogger) who already owns an iPod nano, the announcement of the Nike+iPod concept is one of those things you look at and say, “My lovemarks are mashing up.” (The real dream product, however, would not only mashup Nike and an iPod Nano, but it would throw in the GPS function of my Garmin Forerunner 301.) I may be slow, but geeky toys make jogging more fun.

4 thoughts on “Happy feet

  1. Bright idea on Nike’s part to jump on the Ipod bandwagon — not that Nike is a weak brand, but by extending the “love” Nike benefits from the powerful, practically viral, unstoppable vehicle that is Ipod. Ipod seems a more fluid brand than Nike in that regard. My question to you is: Do you think love for a mashup is exponential? Is it greater than the sum of the love for its brands? 😉

  2. Great question, Monica. Perhaps if one is involved with two brands at once, it’s the branding equivalent of a menage a trois — which (while I have no personal knowledge of such) I think has train-wreck written all over it.

  3. I was wondering last week while running why they didn’t build in an interval timer function into the iPod. I mean how hard would it be to make the iPod beep at two minute and one minute intervals?

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