Nicholas Carr on the ‘death’ of Wikipedia

Nicholas Carr* on the ‘death’ of Wikipedia: Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that “anyone can edit,” was a nice experiment in the “democratization” of publishing, but it didn’t quite work out. Wikipedia is dead. It died the way the pure products of idealism always do, slowly and quietly and largely in secret, through the corrosive process of compromise.”

The issue: Locking down pages. Nicholas’ post is a bit hyperbolic and, I assume, contains a bit of snark (if so, very nuanced snark). It also links to a column titled “Wikis are a waste of time” which is, itself, a waste of time, but a clever flame trolling for incoming links.

*Update: Duh. I originally had David, not Nicholas, attributed — sorry. (David gets pointed to a lot here.) And thanks to Kevin Salwin for alerting me.

3 thoughts on “Nicholas Carr on the ‘death’ of Wikipedia

  1. Rex, With all due respect, that post is by Nicholas Carr (the blogger) not David Carr (the New York Times media critic).

  2. wow, it’s almost as if there was some user created content that wasn’t exactly correct, but then other astute users noticed the error and it was thus corrected.

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