Time to get personal

Time to get personal: I’ll be blogging lightly, if at all, for the next few days as I’m involved in some very fun festivities related to that little girl’s graduation from high school. Wait! How could this be happening? This is my first time going through such an event as a parent (by the way, when did this become a multi-day process?) and, as any parent who has gone through this can tell you, it’s quite strange thinking that someone who just last week looked like the girl in the photo can be graduating from high school. As I’ve made it a practice never to include my children’s names on this blog (I’d rather them find their names elsewhere when they discover the wonders of Google ego-searches), let’s just say, “the near graduate” is about the most wonderful daughter a Dad and Mom could ever hope for. I’ll try — but will remain extremely cryptic about locations and names (to protect the innocent) — to blog a few highlights.